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Aviation Safety, Audit and Project Management

Audit & Inspection

Aviation Audit and Inspection services form a significant component of Heli-Logistics Service Profile. Our team of Assessors travel the world conducting Technical, Operational and Compliance audits against the aviation regulations of each specific country of operation and ICAO standards. Recommendations drawn from the OG&P Forum are utilised in conjunction where applicable.

Informed, Experienced and Professional

Heli-Logistics Assessors are highly experienced and licenced professionals within their respective fields. Furthermore, it is a requirement that our Assessors maintain their currency and licence requirements to ensure they remain abreast of latest Industry developments, Best Practice and Regulatory changes. The benefits of active participation are substantial and passed to our clients through knowledge and solutions derived from proven and current Industry Standards.

All of our Assessors are ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor qualified.

Meeting Client Expectations

Timely dissemination of information, reports and follow-up actions is critical to the success of any audit process. Heli-Logistics understand the absolute necessity of achieving these actions without delay, enabling our Clients to maximize the benefits of their investment in our services.

Immediately upon completion of each audit, an Executive Summary of audit findings and advice regarding continued utilisation is delivered via email or through our Secure Client Login feature.This attention to client needs assures their OH&S and contract obligations are being achieved without unneccessary delay.

A comprehensive final report, incorporating digital photographic records, is delivered within 10 days of audit completion. Furthermore, all reports and associated documents remain available within the Secure Client Login for individual companies. Thereby providing complete flexibility for your nominated staff to review information wherever there is an internet connection available.

"Keeping an Eye on Things"

Heli-Logistics offers a unique post audit service through a secure Electronic Database Monitoring System. The system provides an interface between Client and Heli-Logistics systems to provide accurate follow-up, data tracking and ongoing automatic safety trend monitoring and analysis. The monitoring system is a powerful addition available to our Clients, enabling maximum benefit from aviation audits.