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Aviation Safety, Audit and Project Management

Continual Surveillance Program

Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it can be awfully hard to get it back in.......

The Heli-Logistics Continual Surveillance Program (CSP) revolutionizes effectiveness of audits and inspections, and provides an Aviation quality surveillance program second to none. Through implementation of our CSP, your company is assured of receiving continuous monitoring, inspection and follow-up functions to protect the safety and quality of your aviation operations throughout the contract period.

The Heli-Logistics CSP consists of a systematic audit and inspection program designed to monitor safety and quality standards, contract compliance, and provide effective risk management within your aviation operation on a continual, progressive basis. The program will highlight any adverse safety or operational trends and allow implementation of corrective actions at the earliest stage of trend development.

Comprehensive periodic reports are submitted to your Company detailing findings, recommendations and corrective actions. Subsequent follow-up actions are monitored, verified, and reported guaranteeing rectification of adverse trends and practices. This system provides a powerful, proactive approach towards aviation safety management and an effective tool for measuring and monitoring your on-going aviation activities.

There is no better solution for the safety and integrity of your flight operations.