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Aviation Safety, Audit and Project Management

Outsourced Aviation Department

By partnering with Heli-Logistics for your aviation management, logistics or oversight requirements, we seamlessly integrate our services into your Company, securing a true unison of expertise and business requirements. Upon completion of defining your needs and business processes, a Lead Consultant shall be allocated to your Company, responsible for fulfillment of the contracted task and reporting directly to your nominated manager.

You will receive

  • Aviation Consulting advice 24 hrs per day, 365 days per year
  • Preparation and review of tender documentation
  • Project management and coordination of aviation tenders
  • Organization and review of technical audits on contending aircraft and Air Service Providers
  • Preparation of Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Contract start-up audits and inspections
  • Contract Compliance audits and monitoring
  • General operational overview
  • Safety Oversight of aviation operations
  • Contract Compliance audits and monitoring
  • Technical and Operational Audits
  • Implementation and management of a Continual Surveillance Program
  • Conduct of investigations into incidents and suitable follow-up actions
  • Ground and support crew training
  • Development and implementation of Ground Support Facilities

Securing a true unison of expertise and business objectives