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Aviation Safety, Audit and Project Management

Safety Management Systems

They don't work if they are impractical and sit on the shelf!

A successful Safety Management System is more than just a document. It is a continually improving system subject to frequent review and analysis.

Heli-Logistics will provide an experienced consultant responsible for development and implementation of a fully integrated Safety Management System best suited for your company.

Our systems integrate the quality principles of ISO 9001:2000 with specific aviation and regulatory requirements. With the addition of specialist Safety Management Software, the Heli-Logistics Safety Managent System is your solution.

In addition to Quality Procedures and Documentation, you will recieve a data base monitoring program that will ease the management of your SMS and provide automated reports for management review.

  • Safety Analysis & Monitoring
  • Trend Analysis of safety reports, audit findings and investigation
  • Audit Scheduling & Management
  • Fast and Accurate Records Retrieval
  • Follow-up and Action Reminders
  • Risk Management Tools and Analyser
  • Electronic Safety & Management Reports
  • Graphic Reports
  • Search Tools
  • Action Tracking

A Safety Management System is as important to business survival as a robust and functional financial system.